Present your innovations in virtual trade fair stands!

You were compelled to cancel trade fair appointments at short notice? And are now asking yourself the question: How is sales supposed to make up for that? To make you more independent of trade fairs in the future, we recommend that you... ...present your new products to your customers with a virtual trade fair presentation.

Look at this example

Communicative & uncomplicated

A virtual trade fair stand also offers exhibitors many opportunities to establish direct contact with visitors. For instance, video conferencing and live chats offer versatile options for this. And all this without spending lots of time and incurring high travel costs. What individual solutions would you like to see? Get in touch with us, we will be happy to advise you.

Independent of time and space

Simply integrate your virtual trade fair stand into your website like a You Tube video. Your prospective customers can visit your stand 365 days a year and find out about new products or product modifications, for example, regardless of time and location.

High flexibility

A virtual trade fair stand offers both you and your customers unimaginable flexibility. If you notice that your stand has a good number of visitors, then just leave it online for a longer time. Or you can always integrate new attractions. Even the "Live Event" topic can be used at will.

This is how you bring your trade fair innovations to the customer.

Even when it comes to "Trade Fair Innovations", "Think digital and spread the key messages as well as important information via digital communication channels" is now the rule. After all, whatever the target group - B2B or B2C - the Internet is the most important source of up-to-date information for decision-makers.

Especially in the current situation with limited travel and cancelled trade fairs, a virtual trade fair presence is the perfect alternative. You can take your customers on a virtual journey, independent of time and location, and inform them about new products or services as if they were live at your stand. Combined with a high-quality design interface, the virtual tour becomes a real experience.

Benefit from a fast and cost-effective solution and acquire new customers throughout the year - not just at trade fairs. Your new virtual trade fair stand is always variable and can contain different forms of content. For example, you can integrate a new video, highlight product relaunches or present other promotions in a contemporary way.

Here's how it works:

We develop the trade fair stand design according to your corporate design specifications. We receive a briefing from you with the most important messages you want to communicate to your customers. We will implement this content in the form of SEO-optimized content.

Option 1: We will design a completely new trade fair stand based on your wishes

Option 2: We will use a template - like our example - and adapt it to your corporate design

Option 3: We will use a photo of your existing trade fair stand and design it virtually

Your personal advantages:

  • A high-resolution presentation optimized for all devices
  • Unlimited availability in terms of time and location
  • Comparatively fast and cost-effective implementation
  • Flexible term
  • Live consultation and appointment possible

The advantages for your customers:

  • Getting to know each other independently of time
  • No waiting times at the stand
  • More personalised care
  • Personal conversation via live chat possible
  • Call-back function
  • Access to live demos


To actively support your sales, we offer you:


Benefit from our know-how. We create individual PowerPoint presentations as well as masters according to your corporate design templates.


We create corporate films, product and explanatory videos telling stories that touch the users emotionally and thus arouse more interest. With our explanatory videos we produce stories that can be experienced.


To activate sales, we create sales-boosting landing pages that generate high-value customer inquiries. A landing page is a powerful sales tool because if implemented professionally, it serves as a strong selling point.


As a matter of fact, social media is an indispensable sales channel. Because these activities always bring the right messages to the right person at the right time. By mapping statistical twins, the reach will also increase in an affine target group. Accompanying measures such as SEA (search engine advertising) have an additional feedback effect.

Benefit from individual design options for your trade fair stand

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